Get Around

  • Bangalore is a huge city. How huge? You can lay out the city of Paris 7 times inside Bangalore and still have space left over. Getting lost is a definite possibility, especially when you are new and trying to navigate your way through the city.
  • Worry not, if you’re getting around by public transport, the extensive network of buses and the steadily-growing metro rail pretty much have you covered. If you’d rather travel at your own convenience, you’ll find plenty of auto-rickshaws and cab services competing for your business. Here’s what you need to know.

Peak Hour Traffic
8:30 to 11:00 & 17:30 to 20:30


With the advent of Ola and Uber, finding a cab in Bangalore has become an easy task. We recommend you have both apps on your phone and avail of their ongoing offers and options to travel.
“Uber Pool” and “Ola Share” are both great choices as money savers for ride sharing. Ola goes one further with the “Outstation” feature for trips to outside the city, “Rentals” for those who want to get around at their own leisure, and “Ola Auto” that can work out to cheaper than cab fare.
Another service to keep handy is Zoomcar – Bangalore’s first self-driving car rental service – that lets you book sedans, hatchbacks, or SUVs and have service centres across the city. Their cars have all-India permits and the price is inclusive of fuel, making it a transparent and beneficial service to use.

Uber – Taxi

The world famous taxi app “Uber” has its presence in our city too. Apart from ensuring that you get picked up at your location within a few minutes, Uber also provides a fare estimate and allows you to pay using the payment mode of your choice. Uber Pool is a great feature which lets you share the ride and split the fare with others travelling in the same direction. The reliable service and affordable fares make Uber a great option.

Ola – Taxi

Ola, India’s own location-based taxi app lets you book a cab at your fingertips. Features to look out for:
The “Ola Share” option allows you to share the ride with others travelling in the same direction.
Ola cabs can also be booked for trips outside the city using the “Outstation” feature.
“Ola Rentals” is also a good option, offering hourly packages for those who wish to explore the city leisurely.
“Ola Auto” is another feature where you can book an auto for the fare of Rs. 20 above the normal auto rickshaw meter charges.

Zoomcar – Self Drive Car Rental

Bangalore’s first self-driving car rental service, Zoomcars lets you book cars for a specific rental period. Offering a range of sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs, the service centers are located all across the city. The price is inclusive of fuel, and the cars have all-India permits, making Zoomcars a convenient option for inter-city commutes as well.


Dubbed “Namma Metro”, which is “Our Metro” in the local language Kannada, the metro is a fast and inexpensive way to beat the city’s traffic jams. The downside is that the metro only connects certain parts of the city at the moment. We suggest to you that to avoid peak hour traffic, check out the currently running routes listed below, take the metro as far as possible, and then catch an auto-rickshaw or taxi.


Though available in plenty, auto-rickshaws can prove a little tricky to catch. It's common to have to haggle with a driver unwilling to go by the meter and you'll probably have to pay a little extra. With an additional fare of Rs.20, you could also book an auto through Ola.


Managed by the BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation), the bus network best connects even far flung portions of the city. During peak hours, buses tend to get quite crowded and you might want to wait for the next bus since the frequency is generally quite high. Buses usually have a section reserved for women and the elderly right up front with the back for anyone.
Locals are usually quite well-informed of bus numbers and routes, so feel free to ask folks around you. Google Maps is not 100% reliable as far as bus routes go.

Kempegowda International Airport (KIA)

Bangalore's single airport that serves for both domestic and international routes is located quite far from the main city. Your best bet to get there is the bus service managed by the BMTC is operational at most times. These buses are air-conditioned and very comfortable.
The alternative to get to the airport is by cab. While you can choose to take either Ola or Uber, Meru Cabs and Mega Cabs run economical and efficient services specifically to and from the airport.
It is important to remember that roads around the airport can get a little jammed during peak hours, so ensure you leave well in advance so you don't miss your flight.

Bangalore City Railway Station

You'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper way of travel across the country than the train. Bangalore has three main railway stations -- the largest being the Bangalore City Station opposite the Kempegowda Bus Station (referred to by locals as "Majestic") 90% of the trains through Bangalore halt at the City station. You can book your tickets at or directly at the railway station with the help of the station codes listed below.
Major railway stations and their station codes:
a. Bangalore City - SBC
b. Bangalore Cantonment - BNC
c. Yeshwantpur – YPR
d. Krishnarajapuram - KJM