Health & Wellness


The spiritual practice of Yoga has its roots in India, and Bangalore plays a tremendous role in upholding this tradition. Yoga is a physical as well as a mental exercise, aimed at achieving control, peace and relaxation. It is a practice adopted by many Bangaloreans as a break from stressful daily schedules and the stimulus overload created by city life. Yoga promotes physical fitness, boosts immunity, energises the body, creates emotional stability and improves memory, among its numerous other benefits.

Get Fit for Free – Outdoors in Bangalore

Known as the Garden City of India, Bangalore is home to numerous lush gardens and lakes. The city provides perfect opportunity for nature lovers to set out for an early morning bird watch. Two of Bangalore’s monumental parks are situated right in the centre of the city and function as huge lung spaces with fantastic jogging trails. Apart from these two, almost every neighbourhood boasts of its own park to encourage people to have an active lifestyle.

Fuel your Fitness

Life is all about experimenting & twisting things around to make it fun & creative. So say goodbye to sweating in the gym with those boring dumbbells & treadmills, & say hello martial arts and aqua aerobics. A whole – hog list of fitness centers in Bangalore await you. Take your pick from our recommendations.